“On The 12 Days of Christmas, my true love sent to me…!” If you’re on the hunt to find the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for loved one, the best gift of all is the gift of life.  The Northwest Fire Department has provided a list of 12 gift ideas to make the holidays safer for friends and family for that person who seems to “have

it all.” 

                                                    12 Days Of Christmas Gifts

1.     SMOKE DETECTORS:  A relatively inexpensive gift that’s easy to install (no wiring required!) and it only requires 9V batteries.

2.     CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) DETECTORS:  A cousin to the smoke detector, and just as important. Since it’s colorless and odorless, detecting a CO leak is not nearly as obvious as one might believe. A detector is the best line of defense for families to escape a CO leak unharmed.

3.     A PACKAGE OF 9V BATTERIES:This gift serves as a great reminder to change batteries in smoke and CO detectors and ensure that they are in good working order in the event they are needed.

4.     ESCAPEE LADDER:  For those living in a multiple-story house, an escape ladder offers a great option to reach the ground floor should a fire ever block the stairwell.

5.      FIRST-AID KIT:  This kit provides the basic, everyday care essentials that every household should have.

6.     FLASHLIGHTS:  Every home should have a few flashlights in the event of a power loss. Flashlights are great for use inside and out to prevent trips and falls. It’s also a good idea to store a flashlight in the car for emergencies.

7.     FIRE EXTINGUISHERS:  Every home should have at least one fire extinguisher placed near the kitchen area.  Home kitchen fires account for the majority of house fires in the US.

8.     SURGE PROTECTORS/STRIP ADAPTORS: Old-fashioned extension cords and 3:1 plugs can present electrical hazards.  By replacing the old-fashioned extension cords with modern strip adaptors (complete with built-in circuit breakers), you can reduce the risk of electrical fires in your home.

9.     HOUSE ADDRESS NUMBERS:  By helping someone place visible and legible address numbers on their home, you’re ensuring the rapid arrival emergency help in a time of need. As long as the house is clearly numbered with the street address, emergency responders can readily and easily identify the correct house.  There are many different styles of numbers that can be used.

10.     GUN LOCKS:  For gun owners, a lock system is an easy way to keep firearms safely stored.

11.     EMERGENCY CAR KITS:  No one knows when or where their car may break down, but being prepared can make a bad situation a bit easier to deal with. Road reflecting warning signs, flashlights, jumper cables and food and water contained within an emergency car kit will reduce potential risks when waiting for help along the side of the road.

12.     NIGHT LIGHTS: Across the country, trips and falls have become a leading cause of serious injuries in homes. By having night lights placed throughout the house, you can improve visibility (especially for the young and seniors) and reduce the potential for injuries.

Kris Dugan