Maricopa County Sheriff’s Detectives seize 13 dogs from a Buckeye woman’s home by Wednesday, and the homeowner is expected to face charges, possibly neglect and mistreatment of the animals.  Palma says detectives first arrived at 65 year old Marva Jean Sturgeon’s home

Tuesday for a welfare check.  After she refused to let in detectives, they seized two dogs outside of the property, then returned Wednesday with the search warrant to remove the 11 remaining dogs.

Palma says the detectives entering the home on the search warrant, found unlivable conditions and the animals sitting in their own feces. Palma says those conditions make it easier for dogs and humans to contract disease.

Their conditions are unknown, but Palma says, they’re undergoing medical evaluation and treatment. And Palma cautions, that’s expected to be a lengthy process, and the results of each dog’s medical evaluation will determine the specific charges Sturgeon faces. 

“Animals deserve to be cared for in a way that preserves their overall health,” says Sheriff Joe Arpaio. “If they are neglected in a way that causes harm, my detectives will be showing up to make sure the neglect stops.”

–Barbara Villa