JSN-REGATTA DOWNRegistration for this year’s Bullhead City River Regatta is down three percent from last year. If the trend continues, city officials are projecting an estimated attendance of 27,056.
As of Jun. 9, there were 2,061 people registered to participate in the 2015 Regatta. Last year, there were 2,127 registrations as of that date.
Despite the drop in registrations to date, city officials are not concerned, at this point. City Manager Toby Cotter says the fact that last year’s registration numbers at this time still amounted for less than 10 percent of the total number of participants, there’s no need to worry right now.
“Regatta registration is an imperfect science,” Cotter said. “There is no specific benefit to registering this early, so there should be no concern about registration being off three percent.”
Cotter added that marketing efforts are in full speed as both the city and Laughlin Tourism Committee (LTC) focus on attracting visitors to this year’s event.
This year’s event has been dubbed the “Round Up Regatta” with a country and western theme.
Those interested in registering for the 9th Annual Bullhead City River Regatta can do so at www.bullheadregatta.com.