meetingICYMI: The June meeting of Conservative Republican Club of Kingman will be held on at 11:15 a.m. Monday at the Dambar Steakhouse.

CRCK is proud to present Trevor Laky, the Regional Coordinator for the Heritage Action for America.

Trevor is a young man who was President of the College Republicans at the University of Arizona.  After graduation, he moved to Washington, Den of Communists, er, D.C., where he worked on several campaigns, and interned with Congressman Matt Salmon.  He also worked for Dennis Cuccinelli in Virginia (for those of you who don’t follow those things, Mr. Cuccinelli was the former Attorney General of Virginia who ran for Governor against the Clintonite Terry McAuliffe – a/k/a Terry McAwful, ex-head of the DNC.

He was a Tea-Party conservative who received almost no support from the “establishment Republicans”, was predicted to lose by 20 points, yet almost won), before returning to Arizona. Mr. Laky will speak on a number of topics.  Prime amongst them, however, he will speak about how to get the youth vote and how to get involved with social media.

The  meeting is $3 per person, with lunch optional for an additional price.  No reservations are required, guests are welcome, and the meeting is open to the public.

Our annual membership is still open – if you wish to join, we’ll allow you to join for the rest of 2015 for the bargain price of $6 (a CRCK sale 50 percent off price).

There will  also be a book exchange, with several new books, including Peter Schweizer’s “Clinton Cash”, which we’ll auction off with a minimum bid of $500,000 or one Bill Clinton speech, which is cheaper.