JSN - EARTHQUAKE - 3.4 NEAR LITTLEFIELD - 20160408 A 3.4 magnitude earthquake struck the Arizona Strip early Friday morning. It was the latest in a swarm of tremors that have rattled northern Mohave County since Mar. 29.

Friday’s earthquake, which hit at 2:23 a.m., was the largest yet. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter was located 36.7 miles southeast of the Littlefield/Beaver Dam area. There have been 18 other, smaller earthquakes in the region since the end of last month. Until Friday, the strongest earthquake reported during the swarm was a 2.6-magnitude tremor.

Most earthquakes under 3.0 magnitude are not felt by those on the earth’s surface. The USGS is still collecting data on Friday’s quake on the Arizona Strip. No one has reported feeling the earthquake on the USGS “Did You Feel It” website.

There was another, smaller earthquake about 70 miles to the north, in southern Utah, about two hours after the Arizona Strip temblor. The 2.6-magnitude earthquake was centered 9.9 miles north of the Hildale/Colorado City area.