A ten-year-old boy who wrote a “Kill List” is in big trouble.  Spokesman Ricardo Alvarado with Maricopa Police says a fifth grade student at Legacy Traditional School in Maricopa wrote up a so-called “kill list” of eight students who were picking on him.  The list was titled “The List of Thou Whilst I Shall Kill,” followed

by a list of eight fellow students.  The boy was confronted by the school’s detention officer and the boy confessed to making the list because the students were “teasing him.”  The parents of the ten-year-old told police they had no weapons and their child had no way of carrying out any crimes against the children named.  Most of the parents are leaving it up to the school on how best to discipline the child for making the list.  However, one parent is “indecisive” as to whether to press charges.

Kris Dugan