Hi this is Joy and after living in an apt for 8 years and never missing rent am being evicted for having too many things and my service dog “Bear”. I can’t find another apt in this city that accepts 3 cats, me & Bear. Well not one that does not want all the money I have coming in each month.
I always knew that I lucked into this apt which took me 3 years of saving to move into 8 years ago. I have always been really greatful for. I live it here. I cleaned the grounds of trash and other debris my whole 8 yrs. I never minded because it was for my home.
I was told yesterday that there would be no reprieves. It was stated that there would be another check on the apt but it was just a lie to force me into my art projects and clothes in storage. They forced me to pay them rent for each month since a warning.
The warning was to remove what they called debris inside my apt so if the fire department had to a stretcher in to save me they could. So I made a pathway from front of apt thru to the bedroom. That was not good enough. The second check about problem was not made. I got a storage space and moved the offending articles out preparing for the check at end of May. Since that was just the property man agent teasing an old crippled lady.
All I did was for not however I hurt myself so bad trying to remain in the apt I love that I can only work in short spurts of time and long recovery follows. I really did keep thinking my prayers would be answered that the PM person (s) would come and check and find out how much I loved this place and stop all the harassment and stop telling me how all my things would be taken from me and the constable was going to throw me out on the street.
I can’t find a place to live nor a storage place LG enough for my things either. I need help so desperately bad and all I do now is cry and blow my nose.
My sister that lives in California and I have always believed in miracles only I think that maybe this time it may just be a pipe dream.
Anyone out there listening or reading that can think of a solution or solutions to any of my problems please weigh in as they say.
Thank you even if you don’t have a solution.