Police nab seven people suspected in string of robberies.  Sheriff Paul Babeu with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office says they’ve arrested seven people responsible for dozens of burglaries targeting residences of seasonal visitors and homes of individuals who had passed away in Arizona City over the past year.  After months of

exhaustive police work, the seven suspects were arrested last month.  The Pinal County Sheriff’s Dispatch got a tip on one of the suspects whereabouts. Surveillance was conducted on a “decedent’s home” where deputies found a group of people gathering outside.  The group was questioned on site and arrested.  The seven suspects arrested 26-year-old Michael Hensley, 32-year-old Amanda Hensley, 24-year-old Michael Belver, 27-year-old Scott Powell, 47-year-old Jeridee Price and 37-year-old Michael Carter.

They are facing a slew of charges including burglary and trafficking in stolen property.

Kris Dugan