Attorney General Mark Brnovich is rejecting a plea to delay next week’s school funding special election. A complaint was filed calling for postponement because informational pamphlets were not mailed to voters in a timely manner. Although Brnovich agrees Secretary of State Michele Reagan

broke the law in  not adhering to  “strict compliance”, requirements, he says there’s no penalty for violations.  Without sanctions, he says, he  has no way to enforce the law.

As a next step, Brnovich is launching an inquiry into what Secretary Reagan knew about this latest problem and when. But he says, granting a delay in the election would cause confusion and voter disenfranchisement with less than a week before polls open.

Brnovich rants, “ I am so frustrated. It seems like every time we have an election here, it ends up in a goat rope. I mean, it’s just incredible that we can’t get these things right.” Reagan is already under the federal gun as the Justice Department investigates March’s botched Presidential Preference Election.

The special election deals with proposition 1-2-3 for school inflation funding and prop 1-2-4, which overhauls the system governing first responder pensions.
–Barbara Villa