Two anti-abortion measures have passed the first hurdle in the Senate Health Committee. One outlaws utilizing aborted babies for research.  The bill’s sponsor, Senator Nancy Barto, says it’s in response to Planned Parenthood being caught on video admitting to fetus trafficking for profit.  She says “there is no sound

scientific reason for the continued trafficking of fetal tissue or organs and body parts.  Moreover the practice of using fetal tissue from induced abortion raises significant ethical problems.”  Barto went on to say “continued use of fetal tissue is an outdated science, presents no advantage to medical research and raises grave ethical concerns.”  Barto says there are other “noncontroversial and ethical research that exist” to the use of fetal tissue and research. Cathi Herrod with the Center For Arizona Policy says the Planned Parenthood videos speak for themselves, “we watched in horror as the video tape after video tape showed Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of baby body parts, livers, tissues, thymus, brains.”

Kris Dugan