Mark Abram is resigning his Kingman City Council post. Abram said he will be relocating to north Phoenix.

“It was a tough decision because we really love Kingman and the Kingman area and what we do here, but it will put us a little bit closer to our grandchildren and they’re at the age where we feel it’s important to be around them,” Abram said.

Abram is also leaving his executive position with Frontier Communications to take on a new employment opportunity.

“I’ll be going back into the manufacturing industry—which I have 20 plus years experience in—and running an operation both in Phoenix and Sonora, Mexico,” Abram said.

Abram said he’ll return to visit friends in Kingman and remain interested in community affairs.

“I’m in hope that this current council will continue making the progress that we’ve made on the Kingman Crossing, continue to work on the public safety issues that need to be addressed and, of course, economic development is at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts,” Abram said. “I believe we have a competent group moving forward and I can only pray that they continue down that path.”

Abram’s resignation takes effect Friday, February 24. An application, screening and interviewing process has typically been employed over the years to fill vacant Kingman council seats.

There will be about 22 months left in Abram’s term of office.