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Chairman Doug Little HAS announced That he is opening a new docket to review the Arizona Corporation Commission’s Renewable Energy Standards and Tariff rules. The current rules require that 15% of Arizona utilities’ energy must come from renewable sources by 2025.

The Chairman is proposing that the requirement be doubled from 15% to 30% with a 2030 deadline.

“With the advancement of wind and solar technology and their dramatic decline in price we can now integrate more renewables without creating excessive costs for Arizona’s consumers. While these sources of generation present challenges due to their intermittency, their costs have become quite low and they do serve as an important hedge against the price of natural gas,” Little said. “Integrating more renewables will provide for a more balanced portfolio of generation sources to the benefit of Arizona’s consumers while insuring we encourage renewable energy and all the associated benefits of those generation technologies.”

The Chairman also proposes that the rules be simplified so that compliance will be straightforward.

“The rules should allow for least cost principles to guide decisions on what types of renewables could be deployed. Those choices should be based on which types provide the most benefit to the grid at the least cost, not on carve outs that benefit favored industries,” Little said. “Also, the rules should be simple to understand and administer so utilities (and Commission Staff) can focus on more important problems than navigating a complicated bureaucratic process.”