justiceFire Department Battalion Commander Bill Johnston and the City of Kingman are named in a wrongful death claim. Heather MacDonald is the claimant in the action seeking $1.5-million in the July, 2014 death of her mother Emilie MacDonald, 75.

The elder MacDonald was walking in the crosswalk when struck by a Fire Department vehicle Johnston was driving. Johnston was making a a left turn onto Stockton Hill road while exiting the Kingman Regional Medical Center parking lot.

“Bill Johnston acted negligently when he caused this collision by failing to control his vehicle and struck Emilie MacDonald resulting in her death,” the claim alleged. “City of Kingman was negligent in failing to correct known deficiencies in the design and operation of the intersection and crosswalk control signals at this known high accident area.”

City Attorney Carl Cooper said city officials are unable to comment on the potential litigation. The claim can become a lawsuit if not resolved by the parties.