Between summer thunderstorms and wildfires, there’s no shortage of potential road hazards during this time of year. Doug Nintzel with ADOT tells us, make sure you’re ready for the unexpected before you hit the road. Nintzel says, first thing should be checking weather sources to find out what conditions

you’ll be in for. And be sure to prepare for the conditions you’re driving to, not leaving.

Nintzel says, if you’re caught up in heavy rains, be sure to keep your eyes peeled out for falling rocks or sliding mud. Make it a point to slow down and not tailgate any vehicles. And pull over and exit the freeway, if possible, if a dust storm barrels in. 

Nintzel also says, keep an emergency kit on hand, and stock the car with things like extra drinking water and snacks, plus your cell phone. You’ll be glad you did if you’re stuck in gridlock with an accident up ahead, for example.
–Barbara Villa