Attorney General Mark Brnovich is weighing in on the election line fiasco with a proposal.  He’s calling for election numbers to be withheld as long as people are still in line at the polls.  Aaron Baer, who with the AG office, says holding off on calling the winner “will avoid what happened in this past election where we

had races actually being called before people were even able to cast their votes.”  He adds that “whoever is in line at the time polls close, should be allowed to vote without having all the election data released before they’ve had the opportunity.”  Baer says lawmakers seem receptive to the idea.  But it’s uncertain how soon the legislature would get to look at Brnovich’s proposal.  It’s also unknown whether it would immediately go into law if and when Governor Ducey signs the measure.  The AG’s offering the proposal in wake of Tuesday’s enormous record turnout for the Presidential Preference Election.  Results came out while voters were still in line, and some people left frustrated without voting.

Kris Dugan