Lawrence Jones being escorted  Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Lawrence Scott Jones, 44, of Littlefield, Saturday (7/18) morning for aggravated assault on law enforcement officer, felony.  Approximately 8:30 a.m., deputies responded to an area called Little Jamaica which is bridge number 1 underneath the Interstate 15.  Dispatch advised that the reporting party said there is a male subject lying on the ground and he may be on drugs due to his behavior.  The RP further said that the male subject threatened to kill her.  Upon arrival, deputies observed a male subject lying on a sandbar near a freeway pillar.  Deputies contacted the male subject, later identified as Jones.  Jones was extremely uncooperative.   Deputies observed Jones was heavily intoxicated and he refused to answer any questions.  Deputies had Beaver Dam Fire Department personnel respond to evaluate Jones.  Jones continued to be uncooperative.  Deputies detained Jones in handcuffs.  While Jones was being handcuffed, he raised his fist to the deputy and said “I’m going to bash your face in”.  The deputy further restrained Jones.   Jones declined medical attention.  While Jones was being evaluated, he threatened to kill the paramedics.  Jones was transported and booked into the Mesquite Jail.