Law enforcement authorities in Kingman expect an all day effort will be required to safely deal with a “large amount of explosive material” discovered in a motor home belonging to a man who was apparently killed in a Wednesday night blast in the Nevada town of Panaca, about 165 miles north of Las Vegas.

Deputy Kingman Police Chief Rusty Cooper told reporters Friday that ensuring public safety is the priority as bomb squad personnel deal with the situation at the Zuni Village RV park in the 2800 block of Andy Devine Avenue. The park was evacuated overnight with the Red Cross establishing an emergency shelter at Kingman High School to assist the displaced.

Cooper said use of a robot camera helped authorities confirm the presence of explosives in the RV parked in space #69 Thursday afternoon.


“We have since determined that there are several improvised explosive devices inside the trailer. Several are completed,” Cooper said. “There are multiple components in the trailer that are being used, or being considered to be used for whatever reason.”

Cooper and the manager of the RV park confirmed that Glenn Franklin Jones, 59, owned the RV and had been renting the space since February 2. Cooper said Jones also rented a nearby storage unit and the unit will be searched and processed after the motor home effort is completed.

“We anticipate this scene is going to be active and we’re going to maintain a hard evacuation,” Cooper said. “We’re prepared for this to go through the rest of the day, possibly into the evening.”

Cooper said ATF and FBI agents would typically assist in such a situation, but he said many have been assigned to security details for protests planned Friday in Phoenix.

Cooper said officers are focused on rendering the RV park safe and that they’ve not yet determined whether Jones has family in town or where he might have been employed. He said it appears that Jones rented the vehicle that was blown up in Panaca.

“We also located his vehicle. His personal vehicle was parked at an AVIS rental car lot here in town…I’m assuming that’s where he rented his rental car and drove to Panaca, Nevada,” Cooper said.


“There was a piece of an improvised explosive device in that vehicle, what we believe to be an IED piece–not dangerous—that vehicle has been seized.”

Cooper said experts working the RV park will make determinations as to what materials need to be detonated and destroyed on site and what needs to be photographed or otherwise preserved as evidence.