HildyMohave County Supervisor Hildy Angius has spent a good portion of this year working through multiple agencies and levels of government to try to restore the trout raising program at the Willow Beach fish hatchery south of Hoover Dam. Part of the effort involves acquiring funding to fix what is essentially a plumbing problem involving an intake pipe leading to the hatchery from the Colorado River. Angius told fellow supervisors Monday that parties are nearing an agreement that would fund repairs and restore the program. “The cost of fixing the water delivery system is going to be split so now it’s just down to who is responsible for what and I’m hoping that this happens before the end of the year,” Angius said. “Senator McCain is personally overseeing this so hopefully you’ll be seeing in the news word of a deal. I don’t want to announce anything before the ink is dry. I’m feeling pretty good about it and this would be nice news for the end of the year if this was to happen.”