Animal shelters knew this was coming. But that doesn’t make the sudden onslaught of pets that’ve wound up in their care post July Fourth any easier. Melissa Gable with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control says, her agency is busting at the seams with mostly unidentified dogs, many of

which likely ran off spooked by holiday fireworks. It’s a given the pets have no microchip or I-D tags, and it’s obvious looking at their condition that they belong to someone.

The Arizona Humane Society is also jam-packed with unidentified pets, some of which have been injured. The Humane Society’s Bretta Nelson says the Second Chance Hospital at the Sunnyslope location is really feeling the stress of so many animals to care for. She says she was shocked Tuesday morning at the droves of pet owners looking for their pets and the way the phone switchboard was lighting up. Gable and Nelson urge people who’ve found lost pets, or if they plan to surrender their pets to hold off a few days or so until the shelters begin gaining more room again.

If you’ve lost a pet, you’re urged to check the shelters every day and post a picture of your pet to websites like “pet harbor” to see if the animals taken in match yours. Gable points out her agency’s website, contains a mapping tool. The map pinpoints which animals were picked up in what part of town and then taken to the shelter. Both shelters also urge you to not stop looking for your pet if not immediately successful.

–Barbara Villa