Four people have died and another person is clinging to life after their car drives into Tempe Town Lake.  Lieutenant Mike Pooley says witnesses fishing in Tempe Town Lake spotted a parked car with its lights on when it suddenly drove into the lake.  Two of those witnesses raced to the scene and jumped into the lake to

rescue the people trapped inside the car.  Officers also jumped into the lake and four people were pulled from the lake.  A man, a woman and two children, ages six-months-old and two-years-old were rushed to the hospital where the man, the woman and baby succumbed to their injuries.  The two-year-old remains in extremely critical condition.  Dive teams went back into the lake Sunday morning and discovered another the body of a three-year-old child trapped inside the car.  It’s unclear whether the driver intentionally drove the car into the lake or if it was an accident.

Kris Dugan