For a second day in a row, the Arizona House passes up voting on a bill to eliminate Common Core standards. After Tuesday’s postponement, the legislation is still retained with the latest chance for a tentative vote coming Wednesday afternoon.

Postponing votes on a bill  are typically a sign that the legislation is struggling for votes. But Common Core opponent Gina Ray, who came to the Capitol to watch Tuesday’s debate, denies the bill is in imminent trouble with lawmakers. Ray, wearing her “Stop Common Core” button, says softening up resistant lawmakers is a matter of educating them on the way Common Core is negatively impacting families.

H-B- 2190 rids Common Core in Arizona, replacing it with new educational standards. Ray says she originally supported Common Core until she learned time-proven methods were cast off in favor of the new standards. She says Common Core techniques applied to students are “ridiculous” such as requiring junior high and high school students come up with their own formulas, and in three different ways.

Last month, the Senate abandoned an effort to kill Common Core, keeping the controversial standards intact for the time being.

–Barbara Villa