Arizona delegate loses her ticket to Republican National Convention in Cleveland next week.  Delegate Lori Hack made big news last week when she refused to put her delegate vote behind GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.  In Arizona’s March primary, Trump won all 58 delegates and all

those votes are bound to Trump on the first ballot at the national convention.  Hack, who did not support Trump in the primary, wants her delegate vote unbound because her candidate didn’t win.  However, Arizona law and party rules bind the primary winner, therefore all 58 delegates will go to Trump.  Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham informed Hack she’s out if she’s going to break the rules.  Hack let Graham know she was going to ignore the 47 percent of Arizona voters who chose Trump in a landslide victory.  Arizona Republican Party Spokesman Tim Sifert says Hack “has made herself ineligible by withdrawing her pledge to support the state law and party rules binding all 58 delegates to the winner of the March 22 election.” Sifert says Hack has been replaced by an alternate. 

Kris Dugan