mcgopAfter they selected Sue Donohue for appointment to the District 5 state senate seat, Mohave County Supervisors took time Tuesday to address fallout from the December 19 meeting during which eligible republican precinct committee people selected three nominees for possible board appointment. Some media accounts and some behind the scenes commentary have included assertions that the nominee selection was rigged.

“Those who claim they are going to change the process in Mohave County are ignorant of the fact that this was a state-run meeting and was governed under state bylaws,” Johnson said. He said one newspaper account was a pure “fairytale.”

“I was at the meeting and everything seemed to be done in an open, transparent way,” said Board Chairman Jean Bishop. “It was legal.”

“When you have things like this they are usually contentious, and as I’ve been telling people, for some reason our county party can make drama out of paint drying,” Supervisor Hildy Angius. “But the process was done professionally.”

Johnson went further to debunk any assertion that he helped engineer the nominee selection event.

“For the record, I had no contact with either Sue Donohue or LaJuanna Gillette prior to or during the PC meeting regarding any issues, let along their candidacies for state senator. And I had no contact before or during the PC meeting with Ron Gould as to who he was supporting,” Johnson emphasized. “I did not carry any proxies and I did not personally cast a ballot. These individuals who are elected to represent the republican party do a disservice to the party and the process by stating as fact fallacies conjured up to make excuses for the rejections.”