archieNewly retired Lake Havasu City police lieutenant Joe Archie is launching a campaign for Mohave County Sheriff.  Archie had nearly 32 years of law enforcement under his belt when he retired in April, but says he’s considered running for sheriff for years.

“I have thought about this for a long time,” Archie said. “I know a lot about the sheriff’s department. I’ve been in the county for 25 years and I’ve dealt with the sheriff’s department when I was a narcotics detective in MAGNET, so I’m well familiar with a lot of the problems the sheriff’s department has.”

Archie said new perspective is the main ingredient lacking in the administration.

“I think my mantra would be that the sheriff’s office needs some new, fresh and bold ideas and I feel that my leadership experience would bring that to the forefront,” Archie said. “That’s why I’m in the race.”

Archie said he’s confident he can help improve the sheriff’s office as an organization. He concedes the trappings of a campaign and the politics that come with it are a new frontier for him.

“That’s probably something that I’m not overly excited about, but again, if you want what you want these are the things you’re going to have to do to accomplish that,” Archie said. “I’m a people person so I think it will work out. It is a new experience and I actually look forward to it.”