WINDOWS 9Microsoft has noted that they are set to release Windows 9 to the public in the Spring of 2015. What does that mean for you? It means that there will be an alternative to Windows 8 for those that are not happy with Windows 8 and those needing to upgrade but have waited because of Windows 8 or the fear thereof. The newest release of Windows 9 will feature many improvements over Windows 8. The start menu will return, it will have a few changes but will essentially work as it does in Windows 7, Vista and XP. Metro apps will be able to run in a windowed format for those that like the Metro apps but not the Metro feel. The ability to use just the desktop mode is also rumored to be included which means that you can essentially turn off the Windows 8 style metro screen and use a mouse instead of feeling like you need a touch screen. The Charms bar for those that know Windows 8 will be eliminated and the search feature as well as system access will return to the start menu. We also got to know from our sources that Microsoft will imitate the ‘App Nap’ feature from OS X Mavericks and add it to Windows 9 operating system, making Windows much more energy efficient which will ultimately benefit the Laptop users. Overall Windows 9 looks to be what Windows 8 should have been. A natural progression from Windows 7 into the tablet and portable market. If you are looking to upgrade in the spring give us a call at Mohave PC Computers. 928-846-3213 and let us advise you on the best course for your needs.