None of us ever wants to go there but, after spending seven years in jail, convicted killer Jodi Arias may see life at the Lumley Unit of Perryville Prison as a definite step up.  Corrections Spokesman bill Lammoreaux says that Arias will have plenty of contact with people and, over time, will earn privileges and even a

loosening of security that was just not an option in jail.  Lammoreaux says Arias will get an hour of recreation each day, access to a television if she buys it herself and will have a more scenic vista from her new cell than she had in jail.  Lammoreaux also notes that the food is a lot better in prison, with meals including tacos and Turkey A-La King instead of the Nutri-loaf and baloney sandwiches served in Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s facility.