Arizona Democrats know that Donald Trump does not sit well with some Republicans. So elected officials like Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo are asking why are they keeping silent on Trump’s latest remarks accusing a Federal judge of bias simply because he’s Hispanic. Gallardo

wants Arizonans like Governor Doug Ducey and Senator John Mc Cain to condemn the remarks like Senator Jeff Flake has done.

Gallardo says it’s obvious Republicans are disgusted with Trump’s comments but won’t speak up to save face with the party. “And I know it’s tough,” says Gallardo. “But they have to do what’s right, not only for Arizona, but for this country.”

Trump, the presumptive G-O-P Presidential nominee returns to Arizona Saturday, June 18th for a rally and fundraiser on the heels of his controversial remarks. Gallardo says, by and large, Arizona does not welcome the brash billionaire because he brings back memories of the state’s turmoil following the passage of S-B 1070 back in 2010.

–Barbara Villa