Night Crowds & WheelOn Sunday, Oct. 18, at about 4:30 p.m., State Fair attendees reported to ADPS troopers, who work as security at the Arizona State Fair, that they had found three children locked in a car in the north State Fair parking lot. The fair goers said they thought they saw children in a car and after the storm had passed they went to the car and saw the children inside.

ADPS troopers and paramedics went to the north parking lot and found the children locked in the car. Troopers were able to get a young girl inside the car to open the door. Inside, troopers found a six-year-old girl and two boys, ages 3 and 1. Paramedics took the children to an aid station in the fair for examination and treatment.

Troopers remained at the car. After a period of time a woman, Colleen Manuelito, 28, from Many Farms, Ariz. returned to the car. She was identified as the mother of the children that had been left in the car. Troopers took her into custody and she was booked into jail on the charges of child neglect and endangerment.

The children were turned over to the Department of Child Safety.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety appreciates that citizens attending the fair spoke up when they saw the problem. By “seeing something, saying something,” these citizens helped make those in their community safer.