The Arizona Humane Society is asking for help after its animal care team discovered a fire in the laundry room that consumed much-needed pet supplies.  Spokeswoman Bretta Nelson says it appears faulty wiring sparked a fire in the one of the massive dryers in the laundry room that is housed next

door to the “Second Chance Animal Hospital.”  With thousands of pets making their way into the hands of the humane society, the facility has several dryers that are literally going up to 24 hours-a-day every day to keep the pets clean and comfortable.  The fire destroyed the dryer, towels and blankets used for all the pets.  Nelson says they are in need of towel and blanket donations to replenish those supplies destroyed in the fire.   Anyone who would like to make a donation, can drop off towels and blankets at any one of the Arizona Humane Society locations or directly to the Sunnyslope facility.

Kris Dugan