Arizona-based Islamic reform advocate is backing governor Doug Ducey’s call to
stop refugees from being resettled here in the wake of the Paris terror
attacks, even if he does not like the language. 
American Islamic Forum for Democracy President, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, says
this is especially difficult for him as the son of Syrian immigrants, though
the way the Governor is doing this sends the message that America no longer
welcomes those fleeing oppression. 

Instead, Jasser says vetted refugees could become America’s greatest
weapons against their countrymen who would-be terrorists here, using the
cultural skills to root them out as they arrive.  Jasser notes that this also shows that Muslims
have a responsibility to make the case that they are not like the radicals
responsible for the Paris terror attacks. 
Jasser says that experience in the Vietnam War, the Cold War against the
Soviets and other conflicts teach us that closing our doors to these refugees
is not the answer.