No money to be had in this lottery Arizona’s Secretary of State conducted Tuesday. But for many candidates, being the top name listed on the state’s Presidential Preference Election ballot can only be priceless. So, utilizing a ball popper from the Lottery Office, candidates’ names were listed in the order they surfaced from the machine during a ceremony at the Old Capitol building.

Secretary of State Michele Reagan says this random method is strictly by chance, eliminating the bias and “shenanigans” that could occur if it were left up to a person to determine the candidates position on the ballot. The results of that randomness: G-O-P also-ran candidate Rick Santorum, who’s not even in Tuesday’s major debate in Las Vegas, tops the Arizona ballot; poll leader Donald Trump gets eighth place. And leading Democrat Hillary Clinton winds up at the bottom of the party’s ballot, two notches down from third place Senator Bernie Sanders. The Democrat who actually clinched the top spot on the ballot is an unknown named “Rocky” De La Fuente.

Arizona’s Presidential Preference election is March 22nd. Just the first one or four elections in 2016 that Reagan notes is unprecedented for the state. She adds, although Independents can’t participate , all they have to do re-register under another party, then switch back after the election.

–Barbara Villa