Arizona Senator and former Republican presidential
nominee John McCain is commenting on “Trump-Mania”, noting that Donald Trump
has “a very excited following” but little chance to win the White House as a
recent Gallup poll shows he has huge Hispanic opposition, with only 14%
approval and 65% disapproval. 

says that Trump’s immigration policy proposals, like deporting all illegal
aliens currently living in the U.S. are particularly problematic as it would b prohibitively
expensive and his idea that we could “bring back the good ones” begs the
question:  how do you determine who the “good”
ones are?  McCain says that Trump in no
joke of a candidate and the G.O.P. field sees that too with former Florida Governor
Jeb Bush “taking Trump on.”  McCain also does
not take Trump’s criticism of his Vietnam War record, or his time spent as a POW,
personally but he is offended for his comrades whose service he says is
denigrated by Trump’s comments.