IMG_0011[1]Canine units from the Arizona State Troopers conducted a criminal interdiction detail focused on Interstate’s 40 and 17. The operation included 24 troopers along with 16 canines.

The detail resulted in several seizures including 42.75 pounds of high-grade marijuana, 154 grams of THC wax, three Kilos of cocaine, four handguns, $9,539 in cash, and two vehicles. Interstate 40 and 17 are often used as major drug corridors to move drugs throughout the United States. That fact was evident in these seizures because all of the seized items were destined for other states throughout the country.

These seizures serve as a testament to the exceptional work being done by Arizona State Troopers to remove drugs and drug-related items from the streets. Arizona State Troopers continue to combat drug-related problems to make our communities safer.