A Nebraska fugitive is behind bars in Arizona after the U.S. Marshal’s Office nabs him in Mesa. The suspect is identified as 53 year old Michael Nolt. Phoenix Deputy U.S Marshal Amelia Swenhaugen says Nolt had been on the run since shooting two people to death and wounding a

third last Saturday in Omaha. And she says, with his extensive criminal history and what he’s now accused of doing, he had to be caught before he hurt someone else.

Swenhaugen says the Phoenix office got a tip Nolt may have been in Arizona, and the trail led to a car belonging to him in Mesa. Marshals discovered the vehicle at a Walmart where, Swenaugen says, the fugitive had been buying ammo. He was arrested heading  back to his car, and after a brief altercation with Task Force members, a taser was deployed and he stopped struggling.

Nolt’s past run in’s with the law include arrests for Fraud, Strangulation and Battery. He’s been booked into 4th Avenue Jail in Downtown Phoenix for First Degree Murder and he awaits return to Omaha.

–Barbara Villa