Zika virus problems have now darkened Arizona’s doorstep. The State Department of Health Services confirms Arizona’s gotten its first travel-related Zika virus case. D-H-S Director Dr. Cara Christ says that case is out of Yuma County, and local health department officials have begun

distributing information to communities to prevent a worsening outbreak.

Christ adds, there are no state originated Zika cases and the type of mosquito that would carry the disease is not infected in Arizona. Most Zika-infected people don’t have any symptoms. Those who do experience joint pain, rash, headaches, and red eyes, which develop one week after getting bitten by Zika-infected mosquitoes. Christ says, Zika’s greatest threat is to pregnant women at risk of giving birth to children with smaller heads.

Christ notes, although monsoon rains can be inviting to mosquitoes, she hopes Arizona Zika cases will continued to be only travel-related.

–Barbara Villa