Phoenix Police have shot and killed a suspect wanted for several armed robberies.  Sergeant Trent Crump with Phoenix Police says undercover officers got a tip the suspect was hiding out in a West Valley Motel room last night and surrounded the place. Detectives used a “ruse” to get the suspect out of his room

who was seen jumping into a stolen car.  Police attempted to take the suspect into custody when the suspect locked himself inside the car.  Police used their cars to box the suspect in who then rammed several cop cars in his attempt to flee.  The suspect was scrambling for something in the glove box all the while ramming cop cars back and forth.  Fearing for their lives, police opened fire and struck the suspect.  The 25-year-old man was pronounced dead on the scene.  The suspect was wanted for a series of “violent” armed robberies involving three individuals. 

Kris Dugan