warningBullhead City (Ariz.) – Friday, August 22, 2014 – The parents of a child who was attacked by a family dog are facing several criminal charges. The parents and another family member hindered an investigation and attempted to avoid quarantining the dog for rabies.  On Wednesday, August 20th, Animal Care and Welfare officers (ACWO) responded to Valley View Medical Center for a dog bite. A mother of a 5-year-old girl reported that her daughter was attacked by a stray dog on Coronado Drive. The girl suffered bites to her head and shoulder and had claw marks on her back. The mother was not forthcoming with information and kept changing the details in her story. She also would not provide her address.   ACWO immediately patrolled the area where this dog bite was reported, but failed to find any evidence of an attack or any witnesses. ACWO attempted to contact the parents several times; however, the mother continued to be uncooperative and did not return messages.   On Friday, ACWO were able to find out where the family lived and responded to the 1800 block of Coronado Dr. The mother – Maria Escobar, 22 – told ACWO that there was only one dog in the house. When ACWO talked to the 5-year-old girl, she said that the dog that bit her lived at their house. Escobar continued to lie to ACWO and so did her husband, Kurtis W. Rhodes, 28.     Officers later discovered that the family had taken the dog to Flagstaff, in fear that Animal Care and Welfare would kill the dog after quarantine. The family was instructed to bring back the dog for quarantine procedures and for the welfare of the bite victim.  Police learned that the family had been staying at their cousin’s residence, Jason Lee Schultz, 43, who owned four unlicensed dogs. Schultz was cited and released for conspiracy to hinder prosecution, hindering prosecution, endangerment, four counts of unlicensed dogs and for having more than three dogs.      Citations are pending for Rhodes and Escobar for conspiracy to hinder prosecution, hindering prosecution, endangerment and false information to police. *NOTE- The dog (9-year-old male husky chow mix) is currently being quarantined at the Animal Care and Welfare Facility. It is required by law to quarantine any animal that has broken or bitten the skin for 10 days from when bite occurred. During that time, ACWO watch for any signs of rabies. The goal is to prevent a possible outbreak. If there are no signs, the animal may be released back to its owner upon proper licensing.