arsonProsecution for the arson of a commercial property in Kingman ended with the sentencing of the second defendant on Friday, January 2. Mohave County Superior Court Judge Steve Conn ordered 150 days jail and four year’s probation for Loretta Minor, 26. Minor pled guilty to an arson charge for the June, 2013 fire that destroyed the Catch-N-Rayz beauty salon on Airway Avenue. Judge Conn noted that all indications are that Minor was less involved in the arson than was case co-defendant Tamara Douglas, 27. Douglas was also convicted of arson in the fire that destroyed the business formerly owned and operated by her mother. Judge Conn ordered a two year prison term for Douglas. Both Minor and Douglas have been ordered to pay about $180,000 in restitution, though Judge Conn has said they will likely have great difficulty in doing so.