Sara Peterson’s passion for the arts resounded through City Hall when she addressed the September 6 meeting of the Kingman City Council.

“The arts are so important to our culture and to our community,” Peterson said. She expressed hope that the council would view promotion of the arts an important component of community development and enhancement.

Peterson noted the formation of the Kingman Center for the Arts, a non profit organization that will be working to nourish a renaissance of art and culture in Kingman.

“We want to provide opportunity for youth and adults to develop art skills and bring more entertainment and cultural experiences to town,” Peterson said. She said the non-profit will anchor fundraising efforts to renovate the Beale St. theater for use as a performing arts center.

Kristina Michelson serves as the Executive Director of the non-profit. She said it is envisioned that the renovated building at Beale and 3rd street downtown would host live theater, music and other entertmainment,  as well as a venue for art classes and classic cinema.