Do you suspect your spouse or significant other of extracurricular activities that occur behind closed doors in the dark?  Is your life-long playmate playing around on you?  Ashley Madison, the dating website especially set up for two-timing married men longing for a few fun flings outside of marriage has been

hacked.  The hackers have now released all information about those who signed up for the sexual service – from flirtation to fornication, it’s now available for all to see.  

If you suspect someone of having an affair, adultery, cheating,,,ect  go to  

or      *This account may also be linked to an email compromise outside of Ashely Madison. Read the fine print if your name comes up*

So far, there are several accounts registered to Arizona government and military domains. The Ashley Madison tally for Arizona comes in at 11 for, which is the domain for the Arizona Department of Corrections. The City of Phoenix garnered five accounts with domains.  There were also accounts linked to

Kris Dugan