The toxic politics of the Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District (NACFD) has reached the Mohave County Board of Supervisors (BOS). Local firefighter’s union president Chris Simpson’s complaint seeking the removal of NACFD board member Vic Riccardi was heard during the April 17 BOS meeting.

Simpson urged the board to direct the county attorney’s office to take Court action seeking Riccardi’s ouster for his alleged failure to complete training courses required by law.

“I’m being accused of non-compliance,” Riccardi told supervisors. “I have documentation that I’ve been to the training sessions…I know that I am compliant.”

Simpson responded that Riccardi can’t back up his compliance claim.

“The Arizona Fire District Association has no record of Vic Riccardi having attended the professional development series for elected representatives,” Simpson said. “I would recommend that he be removed from his position.”

Wayne Eder, NACFD’s interim fire chief, told supervisors he has conflicting information regarding Riccardi’s compliance. Eder said he has learned that much of the NACFD staff is not currently compliant with training requirements.

Eder urged the BOS to table the matter so compliance questions can be better researched.

Supervisor Jean Bishop said Riccardi has had plenty of time to clear up the compliance question. Supervisors, in a 3-2 vote, supported Bishop’s motion to direct the county attorney’s office to answer the compliance question and possibly target Riccardi for removal through a petition to the Court.