Gas prices continue their plunge in Arizona as AAA says
the statewide average has fallen to $1.99 per gallon for the
first time since May of 2009.  Autoclub Spokeswoman
Valerie Vineyard says that, barring any surprises, prices should keep going
down into the spring driving season when we’ll see increasing demand and the
switch to more expensive summer blend fuel.

 Vineyard notes that the price plunge has no
end in sight but it can’t last forever and warns anyone who is tempted to stock
up now and store gas ahead of the inevitable ramp-up in prices that gasoline
degrades quickly and can’t be kept long-term. 
Vineyard says Flagstaff drivers continue to pay the most right now at
$2.40 per gallon while drivers in Peoria are paying the least at $1.86.