Arizona Republican delegates have their marching orders. Vote for Donald Trump at next week’s G-O-P convention or kiss your credentials goodbye. But that’s not stopping anti-Trump delegate Lori Hack from heading to Cleveland anyway and fighting the State party edict.

A defiant Hack says Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham has no right to tell her how to vote, especially when House Speaker Paul Ryan has allowed her to” vote her conscience.” The Peoria mother, housewife and evangelical conservative calls Trump “a liberal Democrat” pretending to be a Republican. She adds, he’s not only “unfit” to be President, he doesn’t have what it takes to beat Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Hack, part of the anti-Trump movement “Free the Delegates” is certain there’s enough opposition to derail Trump’s chances of becoming the G-O-P nominee. Other delegates who couldn’t stomach casting their vote for Trump in the midst of  Arizona’s Trump-or-nothing stance have opted to stay home. They include Secretary of State Michele Reagan and Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

–Barbara Villa