“Who you gonna call?”  Ghost hunter Debe Branning is Arizona’s own Ghost Buster!  Branning, along with a team of 22 ghost chasers, investigate haunted homes and hotels across the Grand Canyon State.  Branning has written three books on the state’s ghoulish bed and breakfasts, mines, cemeteries and the

capitol!  She tells a story of a disgruntled land owner came to the State Capitol about a discrepancy.  He resolved the issue by shooting the clerk and then walked to the capitol’s rotunda where he shot himself in the head.  Branning says his ghost still hangs out at the rotunda.  She has toured the caves at the Grand Canyon where one cabin is haunted by an angry animal.  And it turns out, Bisbee is a hot-bed of ghostly activity.  Check out Branning/s first book, “Sleeping with Ghosts! A Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Arizona’s Haunted Hotels and Inns” before your next vacation.  Branning and her team can be found at MVDGhostChasers.com where you can see pictures of haunted hotels and cemeteries. 

Kris Dugan