An Arizona mental health expert says he has no qualms about would-be Reagan assassin John Hinckley being released. University of Arizona Professor Joel Dvoskin says the Judge’s decision to free Hinckley after 35 years in a psychiatric hospital is” reasonable” and that the Judge was being

“thoughtful” and “sensible” in that decision. Dvoskin says, for one thing,” the risk of violent behavior decreases as we age”, and now, Hinckley is at the point many people his age begin setting their sights on retirement.

Dvoskin says Hinckley has already enjoyed two weeks of freedom every month for a long time, and has posed no public threat. And he respects Patty Davis’ objections to the idea her father’s almost killer will soon be out. But he points out, the Secret Service is well aware of his status and will know where to find him if he tries anything.

Dvoskin was on a task force dealing with Hinckley but never directly analyzed or treated him. He is also the ex-President of the American Psychology Law Society. Hinckley shot President Reagan in 1981. Now 61 years old, he’s being released to his mother’s care, and that could happen as early as August 5th.

–Barbara Villa