The frosty relationship between the White House and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has gotten even colder.  Arizona Republicans claim the President is turning his back on Israel and veering away from U.S. foreign policy because of a personal vendetta.  President Barack Obama has indicated he is

ready to forgo Israel as America’s long-standing ally and push for a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians by backing a unilateral proposal at the United Nations.  The Palestinians, who are led by the terrorist group Hamas is calling for the destruction of the Israeli people and want to be recognized as a state.

Senator John McCain says the move by the White House to go to the UN “would be incredibly immature for the President” and “it would rupture our relations with our closest ally.”  McCain goes on to blast Obama for being petty about Netanyahu winning the election.  He says Obama is “taking it personally, and if he were mature, he would reach out to BiBi, who is a freely elected leader of our closest ally in the region and for him not to is an astonishing display of immaturity!”

Republican Matt Salmon criticizes the President for treating America’s ally in such a disrespectful manner.  He says the President’s actions “are childish! We ought to be doing everything we can to reach out and strengthen our ties with Israel in that region of the world that have been our tried and true best friend for decades.”  Salmon says Obama has “his nose out of joint” and warns Congress, who has the power of the purse, could cut off funds to the UN if they unilaterally declare a state of Palestine.  Salmon says any kind of action by the UN without Israel’s concurrence is invalid so we’ll do whatever we gotta do with the United Nations should it come to that.”

Senator Jeff Flake says the administration backing a Palestinian state at the UN without Israeli concurrence would be wrong and “completely contrary to our foreign policy over the years – it’s always been that it would be negotiated between the two parties,” Israel and the Palestinian people. 

Kris Dugan