Arizona Senators slam the Obama administration for trading five terrorists for an American deserter.  Last May, President Obama traded Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban terrorists who had been captured by American forces and placed in GITMO.  After word came down this week that Bergdahl had been

charged with desertion for leaving his post in Afghanistan during a time of war, Senator Jeff Flake said Bergdahl’s desertion was no secret when Obama made the deal.  Flake says “it was kind of an odd trade, given what the administration knew – they knew all this – they did extensive research on this, so it obviously seemed odd to me.”  The fact is “it’s done” adds Flake and it’s now up to the military judicial system to go forward.

Senator John McCain says he never questioned trying to release a captive U.S. soldier, but questions the trade deal.  He says “the Bergdahl issue again authenticates the concern and dissatisfaction that many of us had about trading five people who will probably reenter the fight.” McCain goes on to blast President Obama for blowing it on the Bergdahl trade because it shows “what a mistake it was to release five people who will dedicate their lives to killing Americans.”

Desertion of a soldier during a time of war is punishable by life in prison or death.

Kris Dugan