Arizona Senators are divided on the legislation to reform the Patriot Act.  The current legislation that allows the bulk collection of data and records by the government has passed the Senate.  Senator Jeff Flake backed the bill, while Senator McCain voted against it.

Flake believes the so-called Freedom Act will give the government enough information to track terrorists without sacrificing civil liberties…although he says the legislation that expired Monday, was not the menace Edward Snowden and others claimed it to be, “The perception is that emails are being read, phone calls are being listened to and that’s just not the case, but I think the controls are there with USA Freedom that can still be effective.”

McCain opposed the bill claiming it “fails to provide our intelligence agencies with the critical capabilities our country needs to prevent future terrorist attacks against our homeland.”  President Obama backs the bill and he’s expected to sign it into law, reinstating surveillance powers that expired Monday.

Kris Dugan