The Arizona Trooper who arrested a wanted Louisiana couple over the weekend speaks out. Trooper Ashton Shewey  says the way Keith Rogers was driving in Casa Grande raised suspicions of drunk driving. Shewey says Rogers then gave him a false name. But once his real identity and the crimes

tied to the couple surfaced, they were arrested. Shewey says he picked up on nervous signals from Rogers, leading him to believe he was lying. After a two hour investigation on the roadside, DPS learned these folks were being targeted in a nationwide manhunt.

Rogers and Antoinette Wong are being held for armed robbery, homicide, and parental abduction. The couple’s two boys were in the car during the traffic stop and a search found money believed tied to the bank robbery. Shewey says the youngsters were quiet but exhibited no signs of duress. He says, after the boys were blocked from view of their parents’ arrest, troopers bought them Mc Donald’s Happy Meals, and, while in the office, they colored and watched cartoons.

The children are currently in care of the Department of Child Safety.

–Barbara Villa