A political scandal known as “AZSCAM” happened 25 years ago, where some Arizona lawmakers were caught on hidden camera taking cash bribes to vote in favor of casino gambling.  It was a sting conducted by Phoenix police, the Maricopa County Attorney and Joseph Stedino, who pretended to be Tony

Vincent, a mob capo from Las Vegas.  Former Governor Jane Hull was Speaker of the House then and calls it a “bleak history” for Arizona.  She says “she could never understand how these legislators could ever get sucked into this.”  Hull says at the time, there were rumors circulating at the State Capitol about a possible sting, but most everyone shrugged it off.  At the end of the 16-month investigation, seven state lawmakers, five lobbyists and several others were charged with bribery, money laundering and other charges. Hull says the sting netted some lawmakers that she thought were unfairly targeted while some big fish got away adding, that “some decent, good people got sucked into  it that should have known better. Several lawmakers went to jail.”  Hull says it’s unfortunate that AZSCAM gave Arizona such a “black eye” that is still quoted to this day.  

Mike Sauceda/Kris Dugan